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Lightweight Air Bubble Film (ABF) for all packaging and cushioning requirements… PROTECbubble’ (bubble film/ ABF) is a flexible packaging material comprising small air pockets. The unique blend of being lightweight, flexible and reliable makes it a perfect primary packaging option for export related items as well as goods for domestic market.

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‘PROTECbubble’ (bubble film/ ABF) is a flexible packaging and cushioning material made of polymeric film comprising of small air pockets. The symmetrical air bubble pattern ensures excellent cushioning & provides protection against transit damage. ‘PROTECbubble’ (bubble film/ Air Bubble) offers most cost effective protection for all your basic packaging needs. ‘PROTECbubble’ (bubble film/ ABF) is manufactured using the right proportion of special polymers to provide assured protection to the product throughout its life span. ‘PROTECbubble’ (bubble film/ ABF) is also available in fabricated pouches, cut pieces and small rolls.

Features and Benefits

  • Transparent, Hygienic, Dust Free & Non Toxic
  • Can Be Easily Wrapped Around The Product For Cushioning
  • Resistant To Moisture
  • Provides Excellent Surface Protection Against Accidental Impact & Scratches
  • Special Anti-Static Bubble Film (ABF) Grades Are Available For ESD Applications
  • Can Be Supplied In Roll Form Or In Customized Fabricated Forms Such As Pouches, Cut Pieces, Wraparounds Etc.
  • Various Laminates Available Such As Foam, Film (Printed Or Unprinted)
  • Environment Friendly Product. 100% Recyclable


  • The Excellent Resilience Of ‘PROTECbubble’ (Bubble Film / ABF), Resistance To Shocks & Abrasion And Inherent Flexibility Give An Advantage While Packing A Host Of Diverse Products Like…
  • Packaging Solutions: Dust Covers, Bubble Wrap Etc. For Fragile Items Like Glassware, Mirrors, Picture Frames, Ceramics, Chinaware, Pottery, Handicrafts Etc.
  • Anti-Static Packaging Covers
  • Packaging Of Consumer Durables And White Goods Like TV Covers, Refrigerator Packaging, LCD / LED Packaging Etc.
  • Packing Material For Painted Surface Of Components
  • Packaging Of Pharmaceutical, Dental And Optical Equipments
  • Packaging And Cushioning Solutions For Automobiles Like Transit Packing Of Vehicles, Returnable / Multiple Use Packing Material, Domestic And Exports Spares Packing, Component Packing, Packing Material For 2-Wheelers Etc.
  • Packaging Of Highly Polished And Sensitive Items Like Electronic Gadgets, Appliances & Scientific Instruments
  • Packaging Of Electronics & Machinery
  • Engineering Components, Industrial Parts & Automobile Spare Parts Packaging
  • Packaging And Cushioning Of Furniture Panels & Profiles
  • Polished Rolls
  • Packaging Material For Sensitive IT Merchandise
  • Fruits & Vegetables Packaging

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