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PROTECanimat are specially designed, high-density, closed-cell crosslinked foam mats to provide all farm animals with a cleaner and hygienic environment. It is light-weight yet tough like rubber sheet. PROTECanimat keeps animals dry and improves animal comfort and their productivity. It is a highly durable product that creates a healthy environment.

Features and Benefits

  • Better Comfort PROTECanimat Provides Unparalled Confort To The Cattle. It Can Carry Full Weight Of The Animal. Unlike Concrete, It Has High Shock Absorbency That Protects The Knees And Hocks During Rising And Lying Down
  • Its Exclusive Non-Slip Surface Offers Increased Traction And Superior Cattle Comfort, Even When Wet, That Allows Them To Maintain A Natural Sure-Footed Gait. It Significantly Decreases The Stress Associated While Moving Around
  • The Insulating Property Of The Mat Also Cuts Away Cold And Humidity From Concrete Floors To Help Safeguard Animals Against Rheumatism And Fatigue
  • Improved Safety PROTECanimat Provides Orthopedic Support That Reduces Potential Joint Deterioration Caused By Standing Hard And Slippery Floors. It Is Shock Absorbent And Will Greatly Reduce The Risk Of Injury Improved Hygiene
  • Improved Hygiene Being A Lightweight Product, PROTECanimat Is Very Easy To Wash & Clean Frequently And Even Dries Very Quickly
  • Unlike Concrete And Sand Bed, PROTECanimat Is Non-Porous, Water-Resistant, Stable And Easy To Clean. Hence; It Does Not Promote The Development Of Fungus And Bacteria. This Helps To Maintain Hygiene, Preventing The Animal Any Kind Of Infection To The Udder
  • Enhanced Productivity Major Part Of The Fodder Is Consumed To Maintain The Bosy Temperature Of Mammals. PROTECanimat Offers A Superior Solution To Restrict Dissipation Of Body Heat Thus Resulting In Optimum Utilization Of Fodder To Improve The Quality And Quantity Of Milk
  • Easy To Install, Use And Maintain PROTECanimat Can Be Installed Directly On Your Existing Concrete Floors, Saving Your Time And Money
  • PROTECanimat May Also Be Used For Goats, Sheep, Domestic Pets And Many More…


  • Lightweight, Heavy Duty Foam Mats That Offer Superior Comfort To The Cattle Which Helps To Improve Their Productivity

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