Superior, lightweight and high-strength crosslinked PE-EVA foam

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‘PROTECcapcell’ (XLPE) is a range of closed cell, crosslinked Polyethylene foam (XLPE) manufactured by block process. It has extremely fine microcellular structure. Variant available are PE, PE-EVA, EPDM blended foam & PE+EVA+ NR etc. to suit demanding applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Manufactured By Bun Process In Single Stage Expansion – Offers High Strength, Low Weight Combination, Ideal For Component Weight Reduction
  • Uniform Closed Cell, Microcellular Structure
  • Absolutely Flat Surface Suitable For Lamination & Fabrication
  • Excellent Material For Sound Barrier / Heat Barrier & Vibration Dampening – Can Be Used As A Substitute For Many Automotive & Engineering Applications
  • Excellent Resilience And Chemical Resistance
  • No Weathering Effect
  • High Elasticity & Flexibility
  • Durable, Lightweight With High Buoyancy
  • Can Be Thermoformed Or Processed With Vacuum / Compression Techniques
  • Easy To Cut, Fabricate, Perforate Die-Punch, Laminate, Emboss
  • Excellent Impact, Abrasion, Compression And Tear Resistant
  • Non Water Absorbent
  • Resistant To Moisture, Fungi, Bacteria And Chemicals
  • Available In Wide Range Of Thicknesses, Widths And Colours


  • Packaging Solutions: Case Insert, Box Liners, Crate Liners, Protective Pads, Corner Pads, Partition Lining, Foam Tapes & Gaskets, Heavy Industrial Machinery Packaging Etc.
  • Packaging And Cushioning Solutions For Automobiles: Foam Gap Fillers, Foam Gaskets, Die-Cut Gaskets, Anti-Rattle Pads, Seals, Door Trims, Cable Supports, Insulation Liners, Parcel Tray Liners, Head Liner, Acoustic Liners, Bumper Support, Boot Liners, Bonnet Insulation, Balata Replacement, Self Adhesive Backed Pads Etc.
  • Returnable Packaging: Automotive Dunnages, Protective Foam (XLPE) Liners And Buffers Etc
  • Sports & Recreation Goods: Protective Guards Made Of Foam, Life Jacket Insert, Sports Mats & Mattresses, Trekking Mattress, Camping Mats, Kit Bag Liners, Sports Shoe Insoles, Glove Lining Etc.
  • Other Applications: Space Fillers, Toys, Gymnasium Mats, Interlocking Mats,Kids Room Mats, Alphabetical Puzzles And Many More…
  • Composite packaging solutions / customised fabricated packaging products can be designed for specific requirements.

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