Expansion Joint Filler Board – Dura Board HD 100

High-performance, crosslinked, pre-moulded, compressible filler board for Expansion Joints If you are looking for Expansion Joint Filler Board – Dura Board HD 100 in Ahmedabad Gujarat India then please contact us

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Formerly: SIL flex / CAPCELL HD100

The most compressible filler board for expansion joints

DURAboardHD100′ is a high performance crosslinked,

pre-moulded, compressible joint filler board. It is readily compressible filler board that ensures low load transfer. ‘DURAboardHD100’ (expansion joint filler board) is a non-bituminous superior alternative to bitumen boards

Features and Benefits

  • Closed Cell Hence Negligible Water / Water Vapour Absorption
  • Resilient – Recovers More Than 96%
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Thermally Stable(From – 40 °C To + 70 °C)
  • Bitumen Free
  • Easy To Use
  • Rot Proof And Bacteria Resistant


  • Structural Expansion Joint Filler For Concrete Brick And Block Work In Concrete Highways, Airport Runways Parking Areas, Industrial Flooring & Taxi Tracks Etc.
  • Isolation To Infill Panels
  • Bridge Decks, Abutments, Pier Hinge Joints Etc.
  • As A Backup Support For Sealant
  • Expansion Joints In Concrete Highways, Airport Runways, Taxi Tracks Etc.
  • Expansion Joints In Parking Areas, Industrial Flooring Etc.
  • Water Retaining And Water Excluding Structures

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