Flame Retardant Foams

Our special Flame Retardant foams not only slow down the fire but also get self-extinguished. These foams can be made using polyether polyol or polyester polyol. FR foams are available to meet following specifications:

(1) UL 94 HF 1 (2) FMVSS 302 (3) CA 117 (4) BS 5852

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  • Building And Construction, Automotives And Transportation,
  • Furniture & Bedding
  • Acoustics Applications Such As Wall Of Ballroom, Cinema Hall, Conference Hall, Recording Studio Etc
  • Canopy For Gensets & Compressors
  • Automotive Roof-Line, Sun Visor, Side Wall And Seat Cover
  • Sofa-Set With BS 5852 Requirement

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