Protec XLC

Chemically crosslinked polyethylene foam (XLPE) A versatile range of extruded, closed-cell, chemically crosslinked polyethylene foams.

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‘PROTECxlc’ is a range of extruded, closed cell, chemically crosslinked polyethylene foams (XLPE). The product can be offered in various densities, thickness & laminates options in standard roll forms or sheet forms or in customized cut pieces. ‘PROTECxlc’ (chemically crosslinked polyethylene foam – XLPE) is suitable for various industrial applications that require high performance foam in roll form.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent Impact, Abrasion, Compression And Tear Resistant
  • Low & Stable ‘K’ Value Ideal For Automotive Insulation Applications
  • Non Water Absorbent
  • Resistant To Moisture, Fungi, Bacteria And Chemicals
  • Easy To Cut And Fabricate
  • Available In FR Grade
  • Can Be Thermoformed Or Processed With Vacuum / Compression Techniques
  • RoHS Compliant, Environment Friendly And CFC / HCFC Free


  • Packaging Solutions: Case Liners, Tool Box Foam Pads Inners, Corner Pads, Support Pads, Crosslinked PE Buffers,Encapsulation Blocks, Display Usage, Heavy Machinery Packing, Electrical Panel Gaskets Etc.
  • Packaging And Cushioning Solutions For Automobiles: Gap Fillers, Gaskets & Tapes, Door Trims Pads ,Roof Liners, Insulation Pads, Cable Support, Weathering Strips, AC Duct Support, Mirror Packing Support, Headlight & Rear Lightgaskets, Mats, Sun-Visor Foams And Many More…
  • Sports & Recreation Goods: Protective Guards (Arm / Elbow / Leg / Shoulder Pads), Crosslinked PE Foam Mattresses, Garment Insulation, Helmet Lining, Life Jackets / Life Vests, Sleeping Bag Under Lay, Shoe Insoles, Gloves, Ski Belts Etc.
  • Insulation: Industrial Refrigeration, Cold Storage, Cold Water Pipes, AHUs (Air Handling Units), A/C Ducts, Domestic Air Conditioners Etc.
  • Mats And Mattresses

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