Reticulated Foam

Polyester as well as Poly Ether Foam has a regular and fine cell structure. It has a high mechanical strength and is not affected by organic solvents and petroleum products. This foam complies of FMVSS-302 Standards.

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Our reticulated foam is available in both Ester and Ether.

Ester based reticulated foam is stable with petroleum products and thus it be used effectively to mop-up and filter petroleum products.

Ether based reticulated foam are not affected by water and thus it is ideal for water filtration.

Ester based automotive filters are technically superior than paper filters in terms of effeciency, life as well as reusability.


  • Filtration And Pre-Filtration Of Air ,Oil And Water
  • Ceramic Foam Filters
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Microphones And Headphones
  • Safety Fuel Tanks
  • Ink Cartridges

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